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Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association Board Minutes for the current month

Minutes of board meeting of Ridgeview Gardens Homes Association
August 17, 2005

Meeting was held at the Pool
Brad, Dave, Gail, Martin McReynolds, Cristin Kostoff

No minutes from last meeting to read. (Michel not able to attend)

Treasurer's Report:
Checking acc't =~$1300. Savings =~$1700. Seven people still owe dues, one of them is making payments, 3 are going to be served with leins, 3 are getting pre-lein letters.

We will be getting a new pool service, since the old one is no longer in the business.

City of Santa Rosa has sent us a notice that we must install a backflow device. They sent a list of vendors. Must be done by Sept. 15. Dave will persue.

A member sent a letter complaining about an apple tree hanging over fence, dropping apples. Asked the board's opinion. Dave will write a letter explaining that this is not addressed in our current CC&Rs, and is a civil matter between owners. Martin once donated a book to us that dealt with similar matters. Gail will look for it.

Report from Document Revision Committee:
A summary of committee recommendations was presented by Cristin Kostoff in a letter to the board. Brief Q and As. Martin and Gail will submit a final few details to add to the the draft of the documents given to Dave at last meeting. The board will review the documents.

Brad will be out of town for one week.

Old Business:
Brad brought a 2x3' laminated copy of the pool rules and posted them on the pump room door. Very visible now.

City inspectors red flagged our 3 pool gates for not closing properly. We had until Aug. 16th to fix. Linda Vargas alerted the board. Gail called Coggins Fences, who met with Linda and assessed the problem. They cannot do the repairs for 3 wks. Linda called the city and got a 1 week extension. Dennis did a good job of fixing the gates. Side one still not perfect, so Gail will see if Dennis can adjust. Coggins may still need to do some more permanent repairs. They will be mailing us an estimate.City will probably return in a week or two for re-inspection.

CC&R violations:
A form letter is being prepared by Brad. A final list of offenders is being prepared. Item held over until next meeting.

Picnic tables update. Dave had researched on the net. Gail moved we purchace 2 tables at $179+shipping+chains+paddlock each to be placed in the pool area. Brad seconded the motion. All were in favor. Dave will procede with purchase.

August 27th Social: Linda Vargas will purchase the food, as she did for our last B-B-Q. She will not be able to attend this one, however. Martin will type a simple poster for posting on neighborhood lamposts and at the pool as a reminder.

Update on pool bathroom remodel: Tabled till next meeting, since it's getting cold here tonight, and work cannot begin until after pool season anyway. Dave suggested that if any of us know contractors, we could ask them to take a look.

Martin McReynolds reported on a recent Creek Stewardship meeting. These meetings are pertinent and interesting. Our creek channel will probably be cleared out in the next couple of weeks. It is not a simple process anymore. Perhaps we can plan another creek cleanup by members and neighboring homeowners association in the future, though it is a lot of work and seems to grow back quickly.

Next meeting at the pool, Wednesday, September 21 at 7pm--bring a jacket!.

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