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Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association Board Minutes for the current month

Board Meetings
Board meetings are open to all members of the Ridgeview Gardens Home Association, and we encourage anyone and everyone to attend.

Meeting Minutes
August 24, 2016

Meeting called to order by President Marc Faustino; at 7:05PM


Marc Faustino (President), Chris Petrus (Vice President), David Coyle (Treasurer), Lone Svoma (Secretary), Anne Martinez (Member at Large).

Previous meeting minutes:

The meeting minutes from the previous meeting on July 6, 2016 were approved by all.

Treasurer�s Report:

Checking: $19,715.91
Reserve Account: $23,378.14

Total unpaid dues: 2016: $770.00 (5 unpaid); 2015: $260.00 (2 unpaid); 2014: $130.00 (1 unpaid)

Old Business
  • 4/27/16: A homeowner had brought forward a concern about speeding cars in the neighborhood. A subcommittee was formed to further investigate and research possible solutions to the issue.
  • 5/24/16: Mr. Snyder, a homeowner in RGHA, attended the board meeting to share updates on the issue of speeding and unsafe driving in the neighborhood. Mr Snyder had been in contact with the Chief of Police, SRPD. It was discussed to place trailers on Summerfield Rd. to monitor driving speeds, and make drivers aware of the 35 mph speed limit. In addition, the City Traffic Engineer came and took pictures of the area in question. He suggested drafting a letter to the city regarding the concerns of unsafe road conditions and driving in the area. The board discussed the option of the city installing stop signs at the intersection of Summerfield Rd and Carissa. Marc to follow up with the city by calling the City Engineer Department.
  • 7/6/16: In lieu of President Marc Faustino not being able to attend the July board meeting, any updates on the traffic issue will be discussed at the August meeting. The Santa Rosa Police Department did install temporary traffic control trailers on Brookshire Circle to monitor driving speed.
  • 8/24/16: Marc has been in contact with the city traffic engineer and Santa Rosa Police Department. Some progress has been made in resolving the traffic issues in the neighborhood. The city will add stop signs at the intersection of Siskiyou and Calavaras, and add a four way stop at the Contra Costa and Siskiyou intersection. In addition reflective markers will be added on Siskiyou leading on to Brookshire Circle. This will help with traffic safety and discourage drivers from cutting over into the left side of the street when making a turn at the intersection. Other options, such as a yield or stop sign, are being considered for the small stretch of road where Carissa meets Brookshire Circle. All of the above mentioned changes have been submitted to the city of Santa Rosa and are waiting for approval.
  • 7/6/16: The board discussed possible dates for the Annual Summer Barbecue to be held at the pool.
  • 8/23/16: The board decided to hold the annual Pool Barbecue on Sunday September 11. Chris will make flyers to be distributed to the households in Ridgeway Gardens Home Association.
New Business
  • 8/24/16: A homeowner attending the meeting brought a concern/complaint forward in regards to a neighbor who, as part of a patio remodel, had installed a large tv in their backyard. The sound and reflection of the tv was causing a problem particularly at night time. The board will follow up in accordance with the CC&R and advised the homeowner to call the local non emergency police number. In addition, the homeowner requested an easier route to determine when the next board meeting would be scheduled. The board has updated the RGHA website to include a section providing homeowners the phone number to call for meeting dates and times. This is the same number homeowners can call with any concerns or questions. The recording will list date, time and place for the upcoming meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:10pm.

Next meeting will be held Wednesday 10/5/16 at 6:30pm at Anne's house.

Respectfully submitted
Lone Svoma
RGHA Secretary

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