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Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association Board Minutes for the current month

Board Meetings
Board meetings are open to all members of the Ridgeview Gardens Home Association, and we encourage anyone and everyone to attend.

Minutes of August Meeting
August 6, 2012

6:08 pm Meeting at the pool called to order by President, Dave Coyle.

Dave Coyle, Chris Petrus, treas.; Anne Martinez, member at large; Gail Simons, sec�y.; Martin McReynolds, newsletter chair.

Martin presented for distribution the printed copies of the newsletter and posters for the upcoming BBQ and garage sale.

Minutes from July 9, 2012 board meeting were read and accepted as corrected.

Treasurer�s Report:
  • Chris presented the Custom Summary Report and bank statement for review. Bank balance is $22,610.
  • Larry Johnson sent a letter stating $380 will be the bill for tax preparation this year. Motion by Dave, 2nd by Chris to continue to retain Larry as our tax accountant. Approved.
  • The lien process has not been furthered. Chris will do this month.
Old Business
  • Job descriptions. Anne will take a copy to Michael for signature.
  • 4095 Siskiyou. Have trimmed one clump of corner grass, leaving other. Tabled.
  • Missing board member. Board has not been in contact with Paula Dhanowa. Chris asked his neighbor, Marc Faustino, but Marc was unable to attend today. Will try for next month.
  • Website. Gail will contact our volunteer, Sarah Wuethrich. Plan to continue NuDesigns as host, but volunteer can make new postings.
  • Tree pruning. Strictly Trees advised against thinning oak west of deep end of pool this year--top greenery is what is blocking some sun, and this is not what would be appropriate to be thinned. Instead, he proposed thinning and bringing height down of the yellow-leaved locust in Julie Dyche�s yard, which is directly shading the solar panels. Julie was amenable when Gail talked with her. Motion by Gail, 2nd by Anne to ask Strictly Trees to prune this tree. Approved. Gail will be present for the pruning, as well as Julie Dyche.
  • 1924 Yolo Ct. Gail will give a copy of the letter (asking for cooperation in rodent abatement) to the neighbor of this unoccupied house.
  • BBQ. Anne volunteered to do the Costco grocery shopping. Will call Barbara Thomas to ask details. Elise Burroughs was called re BBQ. We do have gas hookup. Gail and Chris will volunteer their charcoal grills if needed. (though Gail will be out of town that day)
  • Garage Sale. Signs already on light poles throughout RGHA, and new color signs were passed out for posting. Ad will be placed in Press Demo for Thurs, Fri, Sat that week by Debbie Bradley ($39). Ad will also go into Craig��s List.
  • Newsletter. Gail, Debbie Bradley, and Maggie Kostoff will deliver to all doorsteps. Gail will mail to landlords.
  • Traffic at Siskiyou and Brookshire. Anne contacted the principal at Strawberry School. He will put note in next school communication to parents.
New Business
  • Tree roots in sidewalk east of pool are dangerous. (Anne) Board agreed that bright paint would be appropriate in those spots.
  • A theft of car tires on Calavaras was reported. We will try to get appropriate warnings in next newsletter.
  • Gail received letter regarding neighborhood project/beautification grants, if anyone interested. Read aloud.

7:18 pm meeting adjourned.

Next meeting Wednesday Sept. 12 6pm at the pool.

Respectfully submitted, Gail Simons, sec�y..

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