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Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association Board Minutes for the current month

Minutes of board meeting of Ridgeview Gardens Homes Association

December 21, 2005

Present: Gail Simmons, David Coyle, Janaize Markland, Michel Stamoulis

We were informed at the meeting that we have two policy insurance for the association.

One for the Property and a Second Policy for the Board of Trustees.

As of today we have received a total of 124 checks out of the 250 homeowners in the association.

We currently have $4,300 in a Checking Account.

We also have a $17,672 in a Savings Account.

Brad was to send letter to Homeowner on Brooshire that lives outside Sonoma County in regarding the issue with the parked Motorhome.
The Board received complaints about vehicle being parked for several days.

It was approved by the board to have Coogins do work on the Fence and not to exceed $2,000.  Janaize Markland is getting an update estimate on this work.

The Board discussed on upgrading the Bathrooms and will reach out to get a couple of estimates to compare.  We agreed that the work must be done with a company that has a license and will guarantee the work.

The Board will look into removing one of the two doors in the main entrance to the pool.  We will have Dennis remove the door.  We want to keep the door just in case in the future there is an issue and we have to install it back once again.  We figure tha one door would be efficient to get to the bathrooms and the pool area.

Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  There is a possibility that during the Winter months they will be at Starbucks otherwise they are the Library at Strawberry School.  The meetings start at 7pm and they usually last an hour.

The Board realizes that we need to have more homeowners volunteer their time to take care of some of the tasks involved in running a nonprofit organization.

We cannot continue having the same 4 to 5 people do all the work year after year.  It is a facility that belongs to 250 homes and we have less than 1% participation.

We are considering having a perk for Boardmembers as a way to get people more involved.  A cup of coffee when if we meet at Starbucks......

The Board will try to review the new updated Bi-laws by next meeting.

Next Meeting is on Wednesday, January 18th, 2006.

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