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Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association Board Minutes for the current month

Minutes of board meeting of Ridgeview Gardens Homes Association
February 10, 2004

Meeting began at 7:12 p.m. at Martin McReynolds' home.
Present: Martin McReynolds (presiding), Starr Gobel, Mark Zaifman.
Minutes of Jan. 27 meeting: Approved, as well as minutes for the Nov. 11 meeting.
Treasurer's report: There was no treasurer's report.

Old Business

  1. Recommendation for Association CPA. Following approval by e-mail vote of Starr Gobel, Steve Wyatt and Mark Zaifman (and previously by Linda Vargas and Martin McReynolds at Jan. 27 meeting), Martin reported he had mailed the signed approval to Larry D. Johnson, CPA, to handle Association tax filing and financial reporting.
  2. Pool repairs.
    1. Fence. Martin reported receiving a contract from Coggins Fence & Supply Inc. for repair of both pool gates, as approved by voice and e-mail votes, along with the CPA recommendation mentioned above. He said he will sign and mail the contract.
    2. Chlorinator and pump. Martin reported receiving the contract from Bob's Pool & Spa, as previously approved. Martin and Mark signed for the Association and Martin said he would mail the completed contract.
    3. Solar heating. Martin presented the contract from Bob's Pool & Spa at a cost of $4,200, as approved by voice and e-mail votes along with the fence contract and CPA recommendation. Martin and Mark signed the contract and Martin said he would mail it the next day.
  3. Updating address lists. No new action reported.
  4. Creek maintenance. Starr reported a representative of the Water Management Agency came out and looked at Sierra Park Creek and told her that maintenance is the responsibility of homeowners whose property backs onto the creek. Starr recommended the Association adopt the creek. Martin suggested we find out what's involved in adopting a creek, in terms of commitment, effort and money. He mentioned that a club at Santa Rosa High School has adopted the creek, according to a sign on the path near Siskiyou Street. Starr said she would check into that.
  5. RGHA Web site. Mark reported that work is proceeding and the site should be ready for announcing at the general meeting Feb. 24. He said the existing copies of the Bylaws and CC&Rs are not legible enough to scan onto the Web site. Starr offered to check with a neighbor who might type them at a cost of $10 to $12 per hour. Mark suggested adding a link to local schools for the benefit of prospective home buyers. Web sites were mentioned for Bennett Valley schools and GreatSchools.net. Mark also mentioned adding a link to Annadel State Park.
New Business
  1. General meeting. A tentative agenda was prepared for the Feb. 24 general meeting, to include discussion of the budget, pool repairs, revision of CC&Rs and Bylaws, and distribution of pool keys.
  2. Tax status. Martin reported the Association has received a new warning from the State Franchise Tax Board that nonprofit status may be suspended because of failure to file tax returns for 2000 and 2001. He said he had understood this was taken care of but would contact former Treasurer Melissa Gulley, who had worked on it.
Committee Reports/Board Member Reports
  1. In discussion of the swimming pool, Starr suggested looking into new instructions for handling the temperature controls, which should be provided with the new solar heating equipment, and offered to look into getting new paper towel and soap dispensers for the restrooms.
  2. Revision of Bylaws and CC&Rs. Martin reported the revision committee plans a meeting Feb. 18, which should provide some information to share at the Feb. 24 general meeting, but there appears to be no chance that the revisions will be ready for a vote by the annual meeting in May.
  3. Newsletter. Martin agreed to put out a newsletter with the date of the general meeting at Strawberry school, an update on the status of the Web site, a calendar of the year's events, a report on pool repairs and another offer to sell the unused laptop computer.
No date was set for the next board meeting, which will be decided by phone or e-mail consultation after the general meeting Feb. 24.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

-Submitted by Martin McReynolds, 2/13/04

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