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Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association Board Minutes for the current month

Minutes of board meeting of Ridgeview Gardens Homes Association
January 27, 2004

Meeting began at 7 p.m. at Martin McReynolds' home.
Present: Martin McReynolds (presiding), Linda Vargas.
Minutes of Dec. 2 meeting: Approved, pending any corrections by absent board members. Martin said he had been unable to find the minutes for the Nov. 11 meeting, which were missing at the time of the Dec. 2 meeting (but they have since been located and can be approved later).
Treasurer's report: There was no treasurer's report.

Old Business

  1. Recommendation for Association CPA. Martin and Linda voted - pending a quorum vote by absent board members - to employ Larry Johnson, who had submitted a proposal to handle RGHA affairs in a letter outlining the terms, including an annual fee of $575, consisting of $350 for tax preparation and $225 for financial reporting. Johnson also offered to handle the 2001 and 2002 tax returns for $350 each, but these have already been taken care of.
  2. Pool repairs.
    1. Fence. Martin submitted an estimate from Coggins Fence & Supply Inc. of $550.25 to repair both pool gates. Pending approval of other board members, Martin and Linda agreed the work should be done as estimated.
    2. Chlorinator and pump. This work was authorized by a vote at the Nov. 11 board meeting and is being scheduled by Bob's Pool & Spa under terms outlined in the estimates received.
    3. Solar heating. Martin presented three estimates to replace the pool's leaking copper-tubing solar panel heating system with polyvinyl tubing, including an automatic control system. The estimates are as follows:
               -Bob's Pool & Spa: $4,200.
               -Apache Pools: 3,950.
               -Solarcraft: 4,915.
      Martin offered to check back with the companies and compare the warranty provided and the BTU output of each system, in order to present a clearer picture to the board.
  3. Updating address lists. Linda reported making progress and said she is continuing to check the lists.
  4. RGHA Web site. Martin and Linda commented that the site looks very attractive. Martin noted that Mark Zaifman is working to get Association documents and other material posted on the site.
  5. Laptop computer. No one has offered to buy the unused computer. Linda is interested in buying it but suggested waiting another month to see if there are any takers. Steve Wyatt has reported that the market value for that model, if in good condition, is $50 to $100.
New Business
  1. February general meeting. Martin reported that Starr had obtained an application to use the Strawberry School, which needs to be filled out. E-mail or phone consultation will be held with all board members before setting the date.
  2. Calendar. Martin said he would prepare an events calendar for the year, to be printed in the newsletter.
  3. Lawyer payment. Martin presented a bill from Attorney Glenn H. Youngling for $32.00 for the phone consultation Martin had with his staff Nov. 19 on requirements to distribute documents to homeowners under the Davis-Stirling Act, including a collections policy.
Committee Reports/Board Member Reports
  1. Phone messages. Nothing new.
  2. Pool Committee. Linda reported that she and Dennis Mohr are organizing cleanup of the pool area. She suggested holding a cleanup day before the pool opens May 1, encouraging volunteers to help with the landscaping and possibly contributing some plants to be planted or to be displayed in pots.
  3. Revision of Bylaws and CC&Rs Committee. Martin reported that the committee had met Jan. 21 and is in the process of reorganizing after the death of Jerri Grace, who was acting as secretary. The committee's next meeting is scheduled Feb. 18. It now appears unlikely that the proposed revisions can be put before the homeowners in time for the annual meeting in May. The committee discussed aiming for a vote in November. There was also discussion of separating the general revisions of the Bylaws and CC&Rs from the question of pool fees and holding separate votes on each issue. That may be worked out at the Feb. 18 meeting in time to present something to the general meeting.
  4. Budget Committee. No action.
  5. Election Committee. No action.
  6. Newsletter. It was agreed to put out a January newsletter announcing the February general meeting, a calendar of events expected during the year, a plea for people to start thinking about volunteering to be on the board at the next election, an update on pool repairs and an announcement of the Web site.
The next meeting was tentatively set for Tuesday, Feb. 10, pending consultations with absent board members. Possible alternate dates are Thursday, Feb. 12 or Monday, Feb. 16 (President's Day).

The meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

-Submitted by Martin McReynolds, Jan. 29, 2004

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