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Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association Board Minutes for the current month

Minutes of board meeting of Ridgeview Gardens Homes Association
January 25th, 2006

Meeting was held at Starbucks on Yulupa.

Dave Coyle
Michel Stamoulis
Gail Simmons
Janaize Markland

We currently have $21,230 in our checking account.

We have $17,703.67 in a savings account and it is part our reserve.

There is $4,875 that needs to be deposited into our checking account.

There are 61 people still need to pay their 2006 dues to the Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association.

The amount owed to the Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association is $9,948 by those members not yet paid their annual dues.

The board is mailing out reminder letters with penalty on about February 1st, 2006.

Old files were updated, organized, and some shredded.

Our board meetings will be the third Monday of each month.

The Board is concerned about recruiting for the coming election in the next few months.  There are two possible new candidates to replace some of the Board members stepping down after completing their two year terms.  Dave Coyle and Michel Stamoulis will be finishing their two year term and will step down.

The Board has not yet received estimates regarding the remodeling for the bathrooms.

There is an openning on the Board for the PRESIDENT position since Brad Connors resigned in early January.

Janaize Markland, our Vice-President will be stepping up as the head of the board while we find a replacement in the near future.

The Board did review the proposed Bylaws and we plan to review the CC&R's at the next meeting.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 20th.

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