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Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association Board Minutes for the current month

Board Meetings
Board meetings are open to all members of the Ridgeview Gardens Home Association, and we encourage anyone and everyone to attend.

Minutes of June Meeting
June 11, 2012

Called to order 6:05 pm at the pool.

RaeAnn Thurlow, pres., Michel Stamoulis, VP, Gail Simons, sec�y.

Minutes of April 30, 2012 meeting were not available, as Gail, thinking there had been a May meeting while she was away on vacation, forgot to bring the April 30 minutes.

Treasurer�s Report:
  • Treasurer�s report not available (Chris had no exceptional news and was unable to attend).
Old Business
  • Ballots for the spring board election were printed by Martin McReynolds, stamped with �ballot only� and stuffed by RaeAnn, and stamped with postage and addressed by Chris Petrus, Dave Coyle, and Michel. They were mailed by Michel. They are due to be returned by June 20.
  • Tree pruning: the last payment for the major Spring pruning and tree removal was made by Chris.
  • The home on Carissa Ave. with many cars on property is no longer an issue� most of the cars have been removed.
  • 1923 Calavaras: a letter from the property owner was read (see attached). RaeAnn spoke with him by phone and apologized for the delay in answering his calls to RGHA voicemail.
    Gail will write a response, thanking him for his letter and noting that there have been no new complaints.
  • Gail has called Barbara and Michael asking for the return of the signed job descriptions. No response yet.
  • Gail will call our new website volunteer, explaining need to wait until after the new board is seated to begin work.
New Business
  • Joanne Marker of Calavaras called and talked with RaeAnn and Gail about the unoccupied property at 1924 Yolo Ct. The elderly owner moved out of town to live with a relative several years ago. A letter from the board was sent Sept. 2010 (see attached) about high weeds and broken down cars in driveway. No response was received, though occasionally someone does come to repair the fence. Kind neighbors mow the lawn. Now some neighbors are concerned about rats (invading the neighborhood since the creek bed was cleaned out this spring), potential break-ins, and general appearance of the property. The board decided to send another letter asking the family to help with rodent control. Gail will write the letter, get email board approval, and give a copy to Ms. Marker to share with her neighbors.
  • Phone calls:
    • Wendy Snyder complained that she did not want her signature on the outside of the ballot envelope�for ID security. Gail proposed having a stamp to make a line for signature inside the flap of the envelope next year.
    • Marilyn Charmichael called to ask if we are going to have a neighborhood garage sale. Gail will call her and another neighbor to see if they would like to organize one.
  • Shall we have a BBQ at the pool? Since Barbara Thomas usually does a good job of organizing these, Gail will call her and see if she�s interested.
  • Gail will ask the Connollys if they would volunteer to be inspectors of the ballots �count the ballots, which are due in by June 20.
  • Sink in women�s bathroom is off the wall. Gail will call DeVoto Plumbing to repair (they did the same repair for the boys� sink last summer)� agreed by board.
  • RaeAnn will call/email invitation to new board members, once elected, to join us at the July board meeting.

Adjourned 6:40pm.

Next meeting will be July 9, the second Monday of the month, at 6pm at the pool.

Respectfully submitted, Gail Simons

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