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Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association Board Minutes for the current month

Minutes of board meeting of Ridgeview Gardens Homes Association
March 23, 2004

Meeting began at 7:10 p.m. at Martin McReynolds' home.
Present: Martin McReynolds (presiding), Linda Vargas.
Minutes of Feb. 10 meeting: Approved, pending any corrections by absent board members. Minutes of Feb. 24 special membership meeting also presented.
Treasurer's report: Starr Gobel was unable to attend but delivered a balance sheet as of March 23, 2004, showing total assets of $39,967.12, an increase of $5,333.67 (16.4%) over the same time last year.

Old Business

  1. Association CPA, tax status, proposed bookkeeper. Martin reported he had met with CPA Larry D. Johnson twice to discuss RGHA affairs and tax status. Johnson is looking into the 2001-2002 state tax filing and will file 2003 forms after receiving information on RGHA books he has requested - a balance sheet, income statement, printout of entire year's activity (general ledger) and 2003 general ledger, i.e, printout of entire year's activity.
    Martin reported two developments in the search for a bookkeeper. Larry Johnson recommended Nancy Sterling in Sausalito, operating as CID Services (415-381-1411), or James Ernst, CPA, in Santa Rosa (576-7070). Johnson said he thought Sterling would charge a reasonable rate and Ernst would be more expensive. Martin spoke to Nancy Sterling, who was willing to take on RGHA bookkeeping, including billing for assessments and paying routine bills, preparation of reserve fund estimate and other duties. She sent a formal proposal which looked quite complete but her rate would be $500 a month ($6,000 a year). No response has been sent to her. James Ernst was NOT contacted. However, Martin spoke to Melissa Gulley, who recommended Jeanine Vatalaro (837-1818), a bookkeeper who charges $50 an hour. Martin spoke to Vatalaro, who confirmed she would be willing to handle RGHA bookkeeping for that rate. She awaits confirmation from the board. Linda suggested that Starr and Melissa meet with Jeanine Vatalaro, paying her for an hour's time if necessary, and decide how much work would be required in order to estimate the annual cost so the board can make a decision.
  2. Pool repairs - solar heating, pump, chlorinator. Martin reported that the new solar heating panels have been installed on the roof of the pool shed by Bob's Pool & Spa, and the new pump and chlorinator are in place in the pump room and being hooked up.
  3. Updating address list. Linda reported no progress and Martin agreed to hand over some address changes he had come across, including the fact that Manny Mashouf is no longer owner of a home on Brookshire and Harry Colombo's address is on Lakeview Drive (not Paberview Drive, as listed in the computer, apparently due to misreading of Mr. Colombo's handwriting).
  4. Creek maintenance. No report.
  5. Locking outer gate to common area. Martin reported that Coggins Fence is preparing an estimate on reinforcing the outer gate and installing a lock. The Coggins rep, Scott Thompson, had called to ask if the present gate could be moved a foot or two farther from the street in order to get it out from under a tree trunk, and Martin told him that yes, it could be moved. Martin also contacted Santa Rosa Fire Department (Marita Peterson, 543-3548), who said there is no restriction on locking the outer gate but pointed out that the Fire Department must have a key for access in case of emergency. There are currently two lock boxes hanging on the main gate to the pool, one with a pool key for the Fire Department and one for PG&E. Martin noted that the lock boxes would have to be moved to the outer gate, which could complicate any rescue operations at the pool, requiring firefighters to unlock two gates to get into the pool.
  6. RGHA Web site. Martin said he would check with Mark Zaifman on progress toward getting the Web site operating. He reported that RGHA documents (Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and CC&Rs) have been scanned onto a CD in digital form for transfer to the Web site and the CD has been given to Mark. CPA Johnson suggested that for title company purposes, the RGHA insurance information should also be on the site. Johnson also suggested using a password to limit access to the documents but that appears contrary to the board's intention to make them readily available to anyone who wants to download them.
New Business
  1. Assessment of arrears, collections. Martin said the board needs to prepare a list of homeowners who have not paid their dues and start the collection process outlined in the policy adopted. He said he would contact Starr about this.
Committee Reports/Board Member Reports
  1. Phone messages. Linda reported no new items from voice mail.
  2. Pool Committee. Martin reported that the rain gutter on the back of the pool shed is totally rusted out and dangling. Linda said she would contact the man who replaced her rain gutters and get an estimate for replacing this one. Martin relayed word from Bob that neighbors' trees are encroaching on the shed roof. It actually looks like one of our own trees is doing this at one end of the roof. Linda said she and Dennis Mohr will handle pruning the trees. Linda reported that poison oak is growing profusely just beyond the common area lawn. Martin said he will look into getting it removed, perhaps by the city. Martin showed a photo of the sign on the main pool gate that lists "adult hours," which are no longer permitted. He proposed to take the sign down and simply saw off the bottom portion, removing the "adult hours" part.
  3. Revision of Bylaws and CC&Rs. Martin reported the revision committee is meeting again March 31 and has asked that an appeal be made for volunteers to type up the revisions.
  4. Election committee. No action taken but Martin and Linda discussed the need to search for board candidates, starting with an appeal in the newsletter.
  5. Newsletter - Proposed subjects: An appeal for typing help on the document revisions, an appeal for board candidates, a report on the Feb. 24 general meeting, report on a garage burglarized on Brookshire Circle in January, call for household toxics roundup June 12, reports on the hiring of the CPA and efforts to hire a bookkeeper.
No date was set for the next meeting, pending e-mail consultations with absent board members, probably after April 15.

The meeting adjourned at 7:48 p.m.

-Submitted by Martin McReynolds, 3/26/04

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