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Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association Board Minutes for the current month

Board Meetings
Board meetings are open to all members of the Ridgeview Gardens Home Association, and we encourage anyone and everyone to attend.

Meeting Minutes
March 03, 2019

Meeting called to order 7:07pm
Meeting adjourned: 9:00pm
Attendees: Marc Faustino (President), Chris (Vice President), Katie Florian (Treasurer), Anne Martinez (Board Member at a Large), Barbara (pool caretaker), Mike Martinez (Resident) Location: Home of Anne and Mike Martinez

Barbara (pool caretaker)

Barbara is retired now and has more time to dedicate to pool responsibilitiesBarabara is requesting new hose, hose reel and to upgrade to leaf blower. The board willreview and purchase as neededWe reviewed pool keeper responsibilities, Barbara signed job description document andprovided the signed document to MarcWe reviewed pool heater standards, the temperature setting should not surpass 76 FThe pool area needs a power washing of the pool deckBarbara stated that there continues to be a large amount of leaves from the Privot trees inthe pool area and requested the removal of trees (Privot bushes) along the wall near poolhouseBarbara also suggested that we should to look at and possibly replace the pool lightstimer. She also suggested replacing the door at pump roomNeed new chemicals, pH test strips, pH log- Chris to follow-up with Jeff. Marc to get in touch with Linda Vargas about preparations regard for the hand-out of newpool keys


Chris to create and print newsletter, due 1st week of April.
Topics to include:
Please use proper trash receptacles
Request for a neighborhood Electrician to perform some Tasks requested by the Board
Reminder- trailers, campers, RV�s, boats parked out of compliance based on law and bilaws.Annual meeting dateLinda as contact for pool keys, May 1st or later
New board members request
Look for a future HOA garage sale
Pool rules


Checking- 1/31- $26,564
Savings- 12/31- $45,406
Aging Summary- 36 owe money

Old Business:

Minutes- We need password with editing capabilities for the website to update ourselves as needed. Marcia needs to connect with Lone. Chris sent letters to two neighboring residences (following a neighborhood complaint) to request the removal of a trailer & boat parked in driveways. Tenant with boat has moved boat, trailer is still parked in driveway at the other residence (Brookshire) We can levy fines if non-compliance continues at the discretion of the Board Chris to send follow-up notice (3rd notice issued) to tenant and owner notifying them of the possibility of fines being issued Page 1 of 2 Board minutes 3/5/19 Chris to send letter to another RGHA resident due to complaint filed regarding camper being parked on Calavaras

New Business:

AT&T voice mail messaging has been a problem, Anne to address with AT&T Miguel by accounts is doing an excellent job as lawn area caretaker, he will be asked to do clean-up of pool landscaping Chris to research bocce ball court cost, potentially propose next meeting Katie suggested a school art team to come to create a mural on the pool walls, Katie to look into this as an option. Marc nominated pool opening duties to Mike Martinez at a rate of $150, including pressure wash of deck and seat cleaning. Katie seconded the motion.

Next Meeting:

April General RGHA Resident meeting - General meeting April 30th, 6:30pm-7:00pm, the day before May 1st opening

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