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Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association Board Minutes for the current month

Board Meetings
Board meetings are open to all members of the Ridgeview Gardens Home Association, and we encourage anyone and everyone to attend.

Minutes of March Meeting
March 12, 2013

7:08pm Meeting called to order by Dave Coyle, pres.

Dave Coyle, Marc Faustino (VP), Chris Petrus (treas), Anne Martinez (memb. at large), Gail Simons (sec�y), and Joanne Marker, member.

Joanne brought her concern (also, she said, representing 4-5 other homes) about the condition of the uninhabited home on Yolo Ct. Dave said he has been by the house, took photos, talked with Linda Vargas, who has been in touch with the family. He was told the family is coming in about a month to work on the place. Linda has trapped about 12 rats on her own property lately..Marc talked with Mrs. Peterson, who stated no rats have been caught on her property (traps set by grandson�s friend). Joanne said HitMan was clear that traps need to be set professionally, and changed regularly.

Joanne wanted to know where the board is on this issue. After some discussion, Chris asked her what she would like to see done. Joanne would like a registered letter giving notice that we will hire cleaning up of the property and charge the owner. Dave read 4.5(b) of the CC&Rs. Several members noted that there are worse houses in the neighborhood. Joanne noted that the broken-down cars in the driveway were removed after letters were sent to the city by neighbors. The board did not feel that further action was warranted at this time. Joanne disagreed, but thanked the board for hearing her concerns.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as corrected.

Treasurer�s Report:

About 24 members haven�t paid their dues. Chris hasn�t sent prepre- lien letter courtesy statements yet.

Old Business
  • Radar check--Marc called again. Hasn�t heard back. Anne will talk to Hector, who is police presence at Yulupa School.
  • Street Light- Members who left messages on our email were contacted/ given info.
  • Reserve fund estimates- Anne: Michael met with Jesse Gonzales-waiting for bid. Hasn�t heard from the rest. Chris reminded Jeff re bid for replastering. Also working on bid for additional solar panels.
  • Storage room door and new paint--waiting for bid.
  • Tree pruning: Gail will pick this up.
  • Letter from Fred Walsh--tabled. Haven�t heard from Fred.
  • Garage sale for Apr. 27-details discussed. Debby Bradley doing the organizing.
New Business

Upcoming election-need new board members. BBQ-tabled.

Adjourned 7:56pm.

Next meeting, after Annual Membership meeting April 29.

Respectfully submitted, Gail Simons, sec�y.

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