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Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association Board Minutes for the current month

Board Meetings
Board meetings are open to all members of the Ridgeview Gardens Home Association, and we encourage anyone and everyone to attend.

Minutes of board meeting of Ridgeview Gardens Homes Association
May 22 , 2006

Janaize Markland, Gail Simons, Dave Sfarzo, Linda Vargas, Martin McReynolds, John Leach, Dave Coyle, Patty Lea, Michel Stamoulis

Treasures Report:
13 outstanding accounts (10 for this year). 10 pre-pre-lien (sic) letters will be issued on Patty’s return from her June honeymoon.

  • $18,132 in checking
  • $17,736 in savings

Motion: to pass Previous minutes
Motion Passed unanimously

Old Business:

Pool issues— Dave Sfarzo made a presentation/proposal. His daughter Michelle, will mow the lawn for $125/month in the summer.

Gail will e-mail lawyer re liability, waivers for members doing work for the association.

Michel will find out the $ limit for declaring IRS salaries (yearly amount possible to earn before taxes must be paid).

Gate lock needs repair—not latching when swings shut.

Pool guy (Jim Pallaske of Alliance Pools) put in new pump. Had difficulty doing the job himself.

Pool permit was given to Janaize—did she post it at pool?

New bylaws and CC&Rs-tabled. Dave will send copies via e-mail to Linda and John.

Neighborhood complaints—Michel: called homeowner re ‘that house’ on Calavaras. No return call. What is the violation, exactly? Janaize will write.

Web site—tabled, not started yet.

Election—Dave: 63 proxies. Votes for Patty-138, votes for John-144. Poll for
level of association community activities-most who participated were in favor of keeping the same level of activities that we have now.

Reserve Study—Dave has just re-done it, as we have just replaced pool pump.

June 10 garage sale—tabled. Gail will call re cost of PD ad.

New Business:

Election of board member positions. Done. Patty=treas. Janaize=VP, Linda=at large, John=secretary, Gail=president.

CC&Rs violation committee—Dave proposed this committee be composed of a small number of members who have a complaint and would like to work on a resolution. Dave will draw up a letter of invitation for us to use.

Newsletter— Include: clean up after yourselves at the pool, no admittance without a key, must be 14 years or older to swim without an adult in attendance, must be 18 or older to bring a guest.

Clean-up Day—tabled. Let’s make it a potluck when we do it.


Next meeting set for June 12, at the pool.


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