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Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association Board Minutes for the current month

Board Meetings
Board meetings are open to all members of the Ridgeview Gardens Home Association, and we encourage anyone and everyone to attend.

Minutes of RGHA Board meeting May 10, 2010, held at Starbuck�s on Yulupa Ave.

Meeting called to order by Tim Casey, President, at 6:15pm.

Tim Casey(pres), Dave Coyle(treas), Gail Simons(secy), Barbara Thomas(member).

Treasurer�s Report:

See attached written report of 5/3/10. There has been no reply from Bxxx. Dave has instructed our lawyer to send the next letter in the lien process. Dave is looking for records prior to 2003. Gail and Barbara each will check the old records they have. Check ready to send for fire dept lockbox.

Minutes of General membership meeting , April 21,2010, and Board meetings 4/12 and 4/21/10 were approved as written. (Motion by Tim, 2nd by Dave).

Old Business:

  • Rae Ann Thurlow has agreed to run for this year�s board. We cont. to look for a 2nd candidate.
  • The ballot needs to be mailed out ASAP. We should insert a reminder about June 5 garage sale.
  • Gail will investigate uploading of files to get new documents on our website.
  • We received two month�s credit for water bill. (Leak was ongoing for 4-5 mos.)
  • Speed bump on Siskiyou-Suzy not present-tabled.
  • Dave- if we have $ left this year, we should consider repairing gate at 1902 Calavaras.
  • Barbara- broken chairs at pool will be disposed of by Michael Martinez. One member sat in a cracked chair and fell to the ground. Barbara will post a warning at the pool.
  • Red pickup still on Brookshire with 2 flat tires. Suzy not here-tabled.
  • Solar panels: Matt told Barbara that he thinks squirrels are dropping nuts on them and causing cracks. Tim will investigate. Panels were replaced in 2004.

New Business:

  • Some friends of a member are going to the pool, without the member, apparently intoxicated and behaving inappropriately. Gail will contact member and review pool rules.
  • Keys for elec outlet in gazebo and towel dispensers are in pump room. Barbara will label them.
  • Barbara-please remind members that everyone can enforce the rules at the pool.

Meeting adjourned 6:45. Next meeting will be at the pool on June 14th.

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