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Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association Board Minutes for the current month

Board Meetings
Board meetings are open to all members of the Ridgeview Gardens Home Association, and we encourage anyone and everyone to attend.



Meeting Minutes
October 02, 2019

Meeting called to order: 7:24pm by Chris
Attendees: Marc, Josh,
Checking: $7,431
Savings: $57,928

Katie presented Reserve Study:
Proposed to keep the bill at $144. Discussion around Landscape charges. Landscape maintenance will budget from $3,500 to $2,800. Will add to budget for tax preparation- $500.

Chris motioned to approve Reserve Study with noted changes above and with dues remaining stable at $144 per home. 2nd by Anne. Approved by entire Board Katie is retiring from board on 12/1.

Motion to approve the minutes from last meeting 8-20-19 by Anne, 2nd by Marc, approved by Board

Old Business:
Chris reviewed the quotes from Carl for the Bocce ball court. $12,063.58 for the 60� court and $14,084.66. Marc questioned if insurance would cover that area. Question: does the bocce ball court need to be voted upon. Potential to bring up at the Spring Meeting, Let�s do research to see what we need to do get this approved. Keep this on board minutes. Josh mentioned that the Santa Rosa Community grant. Josh will do research with the city to get more information.

Proposed moving Josh to VP role, Chris to secretary. Melissa potential board member. Vote taken: Marc initiated motion to vote, Katie 2nd, all in favor 4-0. Josh attended meeting today in his new position

� We discussed the possibility of John Leach updating the website. Details regarding passwords and other information need to determined before he can take over. Nancy Giovanni web designs is the one is currently responsible for updating. Question: has she been updating website with recent meeting minutes? Marc to follow-up with John to see what he needs to take over. John Leach has agreed and has already posted all RGHA Board Meeting minutes to the RGHA Website

� Pool- Flow Meter was running, Jeff to follow up.

� Judy S asked board if pavers were approved. Board determined that this not a violation of C & R�s. Reviewed that as long the neighbors are ok and is approved by the City, there is no board concern

� It was reported that one home allows several dozen brings acquaintances access to the pool, reportedly a church congregation without supervision. This would be considered a violation. The person logging the complaint was asked to notify the board if this was observed in the future. We have not witnessed this event occurring since it was addressed

Homes addressed at last meeting with trailer violations � issues have been resolved on their own. Letters did not go out.
Chris Created and printed newsletter and posters. Members Ann and Jan delivered newsletters to all homes within the association. Additional newsletters were mailed by Katie Oct. 5th � BBQ- Ann and Jan are organizing and taking charge of the BBQ. Members are asked to bring a side-dish

Oct. 12th- Garage Sale organized by Ann and Jan
PG&E bill has been great, this may be due to the heater not working properly. Anne discussed whether or not a lock on the heating unit. Jeff is working on the heater and working on signage which the City recently addressed. Katie noted that we received a notice that the City will be testing the backflow differently.

New Business:
Ann noted that two pool lights are out, Marc or Chris will follow-up with Jeff Hannorah Connelly and another person that lives across the street expressed interest in joining the Board. Anne will follow-up with the potential candidates.

New Year Meeting will be a recruitment opportunity to recruit new board members. That meeting will take place 1/7. Katie will be retiring from the Board 12/1, Marc continues to stay busy as President of the Montgomery Boosters, Chris has recently been elected as President of the Santa Rosa Junior Hockey Club, each has an extensive amount on their plates. Fresh Board Members are desperately needed.

Next meeting will be a stuffing and folding event for RGHA bill�s, all Bills have been printed. We need to go through the documents from last year and adjust the dates. Set for 11/6, 6:30pm at Anne�s

Messages as received by Anne- call regarding painting- directed as a non-issue, one member mentioned that Association plum tree is intruding into her property and it may need to be removed. Another home has had an issue with Association trees dumping waste into their yard. Marc will discuss with landscapers what can be done with the trees impacting these residents.

Meeting adjourned: 8:33 pm



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