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Ridgeview Gardens Homeowners Association Board Minutes for the current month

Board Meetings
Board meetings are open to all members of the Ridgeview Gardens Home Association, and we encourage anyone and everyone to attend.

Minutes of October Meeting
October 22, 2013

Meeting called to order by President, Marc Faustino, at 7:10 p.m.

Dave Coyle (Treasure), Marc Faustino (President), Tim Svoma (VP), Anne Martinez (Member at Large), and Rich Whitestine (Secretary). Jeff, our pool serviceman, also attended to discuss the condition of the pool.

Conversation regarding the pool with Jeff:

  • Quote for plastering the pool: $8760.00
  • Questions regarding what the health department were brought up by Jeff. They may make us add drains, rails, etc.
  • A Permit would be required.
  • A $600.00 fee from Jeff would also be added to the cost for servicing of the pool during the start-up period (i.e. brushing and chemicals)
  • Solar � Is it worth it? Jeff thinks we will only get about 3� for a few months out of the year when it is warmer. Jeff said he would talk to the solar company to see what they think the raise in temperature would be. Only 3�, or more?
  • Patching pool? - Jeff says it can be done, however, we will only get a few years out of the patching.

Previous meeting minutes:
The meeting minutes from the previous board meeting on September 18, 2013 were reviewed by all. A motion by Anne was made to approve the minutes. Dave second the motion, and the minutes were approved by all.

Treasurer�s Report:

Saving account: $33,370.14
Checking account balance: $25,530.37

Old Business
  • Due to a member complaint, a letter from the board will be sent to 4329 Brookshire Circle regarding the partial painting of the home that is in violation of RGHA�s CC& Rs. A letter was sent to the owner on 8/12/13. As of the 8/24/13 meeting no response was given.
    9/18/13 � It was decided to send a second request to the owner to paint their home.
    10/22/13 � Second request was never sent due to the time frame of the last letter. It was sent on 10/29/13.
  • 15 members are late on payment, with 2 members up to $420.00 in back payments due. Dave has sent statements and invoices to the individual members, and received a couple responses back. We will revisit next month, and possibly send liens if needed. As of 8/21/13 the late payment members are down to 10. Dave to start the lien process on the two members that are $420.00 over due.
    9/18/13 � If we do not get a response from the two delinquent residences mentioned above by the end of the month than Dave will start the lien process.
    10/22/13 � Lien letters were sent by the attorney to the two members that have been over due by $430.00, and progress has been made. They have both contacted the board and said they will pay. One check was received at the time of the meeting, and the other member paid in full on 10/29/13.
  • It was brought up by Marc to possibly put return spring hinges on the doors and locks that stay locked at all times so that only members can get in with their pool keys. No motion was made, but we will talk about it later as a possible winter project. Table for now until Winter.
    10/22/13 � Marc will talk to Dave (Repairman) about getting a bid to install the return spring hinges and locks, as well as a bid to paint the bathrooms.
  • Barbara asked if we could get a new hose real and hose for the pool. It was approved to have her purchase them. Marc checked with Barb and they were not bought. He asked Tim to have his wife purchase them from Target.
    9/18/13 � Hose purchased. Still need real.
    10/22/13 � Still need to get a hose real.
  • The board received an email regarding a commercial vehicle parked between 4116 Siskiyou Ave. It appears this may be a RGHA bylaw violation, but before the Board takes action we will check to see if the commercial vehicle is breaking a city code. We will review next month. 10/22/13 � Letter was sent to the owner, but truck is still being parked on the �Property�. Police do not want to do anything. We will see if anything changes for the next month and make a decision on what to do next
New Business
  • Send all dues calls and emails to Dave from now on.
  • A complaint was made by a resident regarding a barking dog near 1913Contra Costa. The owner was called back and down played the complaint. We will see if any more complaints are brought up in the future.

The next meeting will be held on November 12th @ 6:30 p.m. We will be stuffing envelopes. Location to follow.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 p.m.

Respectfully submitted
Rich Whitestine
RGHA Secretary

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