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APRIL-MAY 2008  

Homeowners� meeting � 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 6, at Strawberry School � Board Election, New Documents and Pool Keys

All RGHA homeowners are invited to the annual meeting in Classroom No. 7 at Strawberry School, 2311 Horseshoe Drive, starting at 6 p.m. May 6. The new Governing Documents will be passed out to those present and board members will be on hand to answer any questions. If you can’t make it at 6 p.m., come later – someone will be there till 8 p.m.

A ballot will be enclosed to vote on the three new documents as well as for new members of the Board of Directors. Instructions will be included for placing the ballot in a blank envelope and mailing it (inside another, pre-addressed envelope) to the RGHA Inspectors of Election, as required by new state law. The documents and ballots will be distributed later to homeowners who miss the meeting.

As explained before, the new documents are necessary to update rules and regulations adopted more than 34 years ago, which no longer comply with state law. The basics are the same – to have a harmonious neighborhood we’re proud to live in.


Pool Opens May 1

The RGHA swimming pool reopens May 1. To obtain a key, come to the homeowners meeting OR phone Gail Simons at 526-3526. Turn in your old key to get a new one at no charge, or pay a $5 deposit. Pool rules are enclosed with this newsletter.

Remember, state law says a child must be 14 to swim without a parent present. Children over 14 should not bring friends to the pool unless accompanied by an adult (18 or over). All parents are responsible for their children and any property destruction they may cause.

A number of plastic chairs at the pool have been broken in the past year. They won’t be replaced, so please take care of the ones that are left.

Beware of the Dogs

One homeowner’s dog was injured recently in an attack by another dog while walking in the neighborhood. PLEASE control your dogs and don’t let them out unless they’re on a leash.

. . . and Burglars

A number of break-ins have been reported in recent weeks. Thieves often target houses with unlocked doors or open garages. A word to the wise . . .

Boats on Display

Be wary of parking a boat on the street. The city has been ticketing some of them. They’re not supposed to be in your driveway, either. The Homeowners Association doesn’t give tickets but the CC&R’s state any boat or RV should be parked out of sight from the street.


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