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2004 Pool Rules

Election Extra Newsletter - May 2004

We have candidates now we need more votes
Thirteen homeowners attended the annual membership meeting at Strawberry School on May 11. The meeting produced good discussion but was far short of the quorum of 128 homeowners necessary to elect new board members to replace Martin McReynolds and Steve Wyatt, who have both reached the two-year limit.

There were no declared candidates by the end of the meeting so the only valid ballots were those naming a person to vote as proxy whenever candidates could be found. It was suggested that one of the five current board members could be named to exercise the proxy vote.

A count of the ballots turned in May 11 and received by mail through May 19 shows a total of 56 ballots, of which 46 were valid, naming the following proxies for current board members to cast as they see fit: Linda Vargas 20, Martin McReynolds 15, Starr Gobel 7 and Steve Wyatt 4.

There was some confusion about filling in the ballots. Some people wrote in the names of current board members as candidates. But the three board members whose terms have not expired were not up for re-election, and the two whose terms have expired were ineligible to run. Some people checked the proxy box but didn't write in any name. So that's why 10 ballots were not valid.

Now we're enclosing a new ballot for those homeowners who haven't voted yet or whose ballots couldn't be counted because of the proxy mixup.

And this time we have candidates for the two vacancies: Michael Stamoulis of Carissa Court and Riccardo Cattaneo of Silverwood Street have both volunteered to serve.

If you received a ballot in the mail with the newsletter, please fill it in and mail it with the attached envelope. Thanks for sticking with the process.

A new complication a board member resigns
Starr Gobel, the board member who has been serving as treasurer for the past year, has resigned due to the press of personal and family responsibilities. We are grateful for the time and effort Starr has put in to keep the bills paid, deposit dues payments and print out the address lists for the newsletter, among other chores.

The Association bylaws permit the board to fill a vacancy created in this manner. Once we get four elected board members, the new board can appoint a fifth member. Linda Vargas and Mark Zaifman are the continuing members.

RGHA Web site is up and running
Thanks to the efforts of Board Member Mark Zaifman, you can now check out our neighborhood on the Internet.

The site is an evolving thing. Homeowners are invited to make suggestions on how it can be more useful. For now, you can find information about our area, the minutes of board meetings, past newsletters and the governing documents (Bylaws, CC&Rs and Articles of Incorporation).

Pool behavior
There has been a recent incident with rowdy teenage boys in the swimming pool who may not be residents of our neighborhood. Please don't share your pool key with anyone who's not entitled to use the pool. The pool is reserved for paid-up members of the Association, who are entitled to bring their children and a reasonable number of guests. Children under 18 are not allowed without an adult. Please report any violations to the Association at the voice-mail number. In case of rowdy trespassers, don't hesitate to call 911 and ask police to remove them.

Keeping up appearances
A stroll around the neighborhood gives a strong impression of how hard most homeowners work to make their homes and yards attractive. Unfortunately, there are exceptions. One yard overgrown with weeds or one house badly in need of paint or with beat-up old cars parked eternally in view is enough to spoil the appearance of a whole block. We all have to struggle to keep up with things. Some of us may be going through health or financial crises, and some who rent out their houses may not be aware of renters who don't take care of things properly. Please do your best to keep our area harmonious.

Talk to us - the RGHA phone number is 547-9848. Leave a message on the voice mail and we'll get back to you.

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